A Dirge For Quint

"A Dirge For Quint" 
watercolor & gouache 
My contribution to the JAWS tribute show "Smile You Son Of A Bitch!" 
opening tonight at Hero Complex Gallery in LA. 


Autumnal Sale

SALE! In celebration of Autumn I put a few things on SALE in the store, 
including free shipping on prints until Oct 2nd


New Prints!

I just added a couple prints to the store: http://dereknobbs.bigcartel.com/ for US residents. 

I'm currently ONLY shipping to the US, I'll open up orders to everyone else soon.


The Lord Of Squalor Harbor

"The Lord Of Squalor Harbor"
13.5 x17.5" Mixed Media

There is a legend of a man told by the residents of the modest fishing village now called "Squalor Harbor."  The legend says the man brought sin and industry to the village and ruled from an elegant, sea beaten mansion on an island near the mouth of the harbor. Very little is known about this man but he is always referred to as "The Lord of Squalor Harbor" with a tone of distaste in the mouths who dare speak it. He had a small personal navy at his disposal which he used to protect his island and force the villagers to bend to his every whim. 

Many say he could be seen swimming nude in the waves, encouraging fist fights with the native indians, having secret meetings in the town's fraternal lodge and ending the evening by taking the finest concubines back to his island with him, many were never seen again. He kept many variety of wild animals, which he had imported, or captured himself and brought back on his own private ship. He was also said to take quite a liking to laudanum and all varieties of alcohol. 

Whether or not the stories are true it is best to be wary of "The Lord of Squalor Harbor".

Showing at the Roq La Rue Gallery as part of the "Otherworld" group invitational, opening tomorrow night, June 6th 6-9pm.


The Admiral

I came across this piece today and decided to work on it a little more. 
"The Admiral" 
10.5 x10.5" Watercolor 

Available, dereknobbs@gmail.com


Otherworld Show

It's time to let the monkey out of the bag!
I will be showing the new painting "The Lord Of Squalor Harbor" (Detail) @ Roq La Rue Gallery's group show "Otherworld"! Opening June 6, 2013 6-9pm



In progress, "The Lord of Squalor Harbor" for the "Otherworld" group show at The Roq La Rue in June.


The Idol's Curse

I've been keeping this one to myself for a while.

"The Idol's Curse" 12 x14" ~watercolor, gouache, ink
©Derek Nobbs



Ahoy Rings Live

The few rings I do have are now in the store! http://dereknobbs.bigcartel.com/


Dead Soldiers

"Dead Soldiers" ~ Watercolor, Gouache, & Ink, 14 x14"

Album cover for gothic-americana, whiskey-drinking, band Dead Soldiers' "All The Things You Lose."

Go buy their album:http://deadsoldierstn.bandcamp.com/ 

©Derek Nobbs


AHOY Signet Ring

Coming soon, The Ahoy Signet Ring! I made these beauties with Australian company Rust & Regret. Limited to only 40 pieces, this sterling silver ring comes with an Ahoy flag, letterpress tag &edition card signed by me. It all comes bundled in a wood box engraved with the Ahoy title design and painted with an iron rust paint to give it that sunken treasure look.

Available here: http://dereknobbs.bigcartel.com/

 Check out the details. 
Hidden Knife. 


‎"Saint Mariner" ~Watercolor, gouache, gold leaf, 11 x14"

©Derek Nobbs


Shaun White x Burton x Derek Nobbs

If you watched the X Games some of you may have noticed that Shaun White took 1st place on a board with no other than my art on it! I am honored and proud to have my work on Shaun's board. He's a master of his craft, and he's got style! 

Congratulations Shaun!


Good Luck

"Good Luck" - Watercolor, gouache, and pencil. 

One for the new year. 

©Derek Nobbs

Happy New Year!

It's barely 2013 and the boss is already crackin' the whip! 
Happy New Year!


The Chosen One

"The Chosen One" ~ Watercolor, Gouache, & Ink, 12x12"

©Derek Nobbs

Diver Almost Down

Another diver in progress. Three panels, one piece, almost done.