"Bandito (For J.G. Posada)" ~ Watercolor, Gouache, ink & Tea On Paper 10.75" x 8" 

Showing at Sacred Machine in Tucson, AZ
SANTA MUERTE MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL 2011ART EXHIBITIONOctober 28th - December 31st, 2011Opening Reception Friday, October 28th, 2011, 7:00 p.m. - Midnight


Artist's Proof

Crab claw artist's proof: I have this artist's proof I was going to keep for myself, instead I thought I would paint a small crab claw on it.  Sold.


"The Sea Chantey Club" Print

 "The Sea Chantey Club" Print is now available!
Edition of 50, signed and numbered!  

Printed on archival cotton Portfolio Rag paper.


Stumptown Details

"Stumptown" (details shown here - see the full image and get the story here) is still on hand at Roq La Rue. Go check it out before it's gone!
"Stumptown" ~Mixed Media 22 x30"
On view now at Roq La Rue.
Head to http://roqlarue.com/ for details.

Creep Blab!

Nice mention of my piece and the BLAB! show on Creep Machine:



(click image for larger version)

"The Ancient Mystic Order Of Krampus" 14x22" ~Mixed Media
Available now at Roq La Rue, part of Krampus, The BLAB! Show



Here's a sneak peek of the piece I did for The BLAB! Show!
(A group invitational celebrating the joy of Krampus)
@ Roq La Rue Gallery
Opening this Friday August 12th! 6-9
Come for "Devils and Drinks"!



King Of Dung

“King Of Dung” ~Watercolor, gouache, ink, tea, coffee, gold leaf, bourbon, beetle juice



‎"Stumptown" ~Mixed Media 22 x30" 

On view now at Roq La Rue.
Head to http://dereknobbs.com/ for details.

Stumptown is a name or nickname that has been applied to places in the US where the trees were cut town but the stumps were left. In Guerneville, California the redwoods were logged to rebuild San Francisco after the fire and earthquake of 1906. Portland, Oregon was nicknames Stumptown after 1847 when growth forced them to cut down the trees to make way for more city. The stumps were left until the expansion slowed and men could remove them.

Upcoming Shows

August 12th, 2011 
The Blab! Show

Also I will be showing at Roq La Rue in 2012!
I couldn't be more excited about this!



Dereknobbs.com is now up and running.


Jun 10th

If you are in Seattle come to Roq La Rue this Friday, June 10th, to celebrate their 13th year! See the art of John Brophy and Melissa Forman! In addition to John and Melissa's exceptional art, I will have a couple pieces up! One of which has yet to be revealed to hungry eyes. See you there!

John Brophy/Melissa Forman at Roq La Rue!


Pennants & Bags

They are finally here!

"The Salty Seas" Souvenir Pennant 
The pennant is handmade limited edition of 33, SOLD OUT!

"Tree Army" Utility Bag 
10 oz. 100% cotton canvas tote, SOLD OUT!